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  • Learn how to get more confident asking for big budgets with our easy sales & marketing strategy!
  • ​Get premium clients consistently and finally end your “good month, bad month" situation!
  • ​Get coaches that have been where you are and run a successful video production agency themselves!
What Our Students Want To Let You Know:

"I always thought I need better gear and better skills to get premium clients. Now I know better. Last month I made $50,000!"

Patrizio De Mitri

"Before VBA, we were making about $4-5k/month. And now, after just 4 months in the VBA, we made $12,000 in one month!"

David Aguilar

"First we were unsure if they really could help us… But then we went from $9,000 to $25,000k in the first month."

Jonathan & Josef

Building a video business is hard!

Starting a video business is easy...

But to grow it to an established brand with consistent projects
and a full client pipeline can be hard sometimes.

But guess what: you are not alone…

I also struggled with my video business!

When I started back in 2016 I felt alone, lost,
working way too many hours for an unfair return (making less than $2k/month).

And I felt like nobody could really help me…

I had a hard time finding potential clients and once I finally had a meeting secured...

I could only get the deal for a quarter of the amount I felt would be fair for my work.

"We don't have more budget" and "We want to think about it" were things I heard regularly...

And I always went all-in with every project and invested hours and hours to make it perfect only to find myself in endless revision rounds that just wouldn’t stop.

And the worst part: I accepted them and let the client control the process…

But I still had a vision!

I always wanted to know how the successful videographers get all the “big fish” and dream clients that are willing to pay $5k, $7k or even $15k for one video.

How do they get in contact with the CEOs that didn’t even respond to my showreel emails?

That is what I focused on for the next 5 years and what helped me the most was a coach & mentor. 

Somebody who helped me implement easy systems and strategies to finally make me stop wondering where my next client is gonna come from.

All while increasing my prices.

I always thought I could do it by myself… And I still think that is true!

But I just got there way faster by having a coach & mentor who knew the struggles I was going through and had immediate solutions to them.

That was one of the smartest decisions of my life!

Because 5 years later I now find myself running a video production company that was exactly what I always dreamed of: big productions for big clients that pay me handsomely with a small and well organized team.

I even hit my first $100k month in march 2020!

So you might be wondering: "What’s moneytree Consulting then and why should I care?"

It’s exactly what you need right now if you want to grow your video business. A consulting program better than what I had back then.

In this program me and my team help you to grow your video business to consistent $10k/month and beyond.

So that you can FINALLY stop: doing shitty jobs, stay busy without earning anything worth working for, having no time for passion projects, feeling helpless and lost, stuck and tired...

And that you can finally build the dream business that you deserve!

Let me help you, I’ve been through this sh*t already…
(And we have a 100% success guarantee)

- Nick Metzger, CEO & Founder

We Help You Turn Your “Freelancer Situation” Into A Profitable Video Business. This Is How It Works:
How to understand my target audience?

Pillar 1
The Expert Positioning

We help you position yourself as an expert who clients are willing to pay $5,000+ per video.

How to systemize your business

Pillar 2
The Marketing System

We give you all the strategies needed to generate leads consistently so you never have to worry where your next client is coming from.

How to build a sales team

Pillar 3
The 7-Figure Sales System

We give you our easy to copy 7-figure sales system that has generated over $2.5 million USD for our video agency. All scripts included.

How to build a sales team

Pillar 4
The Retainer Model

We show you how to onboard & offboard your clients to ensure that they will buy from you over and over again.

Some Of Our Consulting Student Wins
Here's How You Can Work With Us
Find out in 3 easy steps if and how we can help you make more sales, get premium clients and never worry again about finances.

Step 1 - Questionnaire

Give us some information about you and your video business. Please be as specific as possible here so we can really help you.

Step 2 - Potential Analysis

If your video business seems promising, your free strategy call with us will be confirmed.

Step 3 - Strategy Call

In this free strategy call, one of our experts will map out a plan for you so you'll achieve your goals in months instead of years.


Nick Metzger

CEO & Head Coach


Diego Miescher

COO & Sales Coach


Bobby Morelli



Tiago Armani

Strategy Coach


Josua Ernst

Client Support Manager


James Lingamen

Appointment Manager / Assistant


Peter Gyomorei

Strategy Coach


Jay Staniforth

Client Success Manager


Julliene Bullecer

Backoffice / Administration


Ray RJ Samson

Appointment Manager / Assistant


Sivan Nicha

Appointment Manager / Assistant


Ronda Zeng

Media Buyer


Jeanel Nel Dangilan

Client Support



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We're located in Switzerland and make about $40k+/month!
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More Student Testimonials

"I went from $0 to $9k/month within 4 months without any business experience before. Amazing!"

Renz Mercado

"Before joining the Consulting program I charged $500 for a video. Now I close $18,000 video deals."

Oliver Krohn

"This has been the best business investment we ever made. After just 2 months we went from $3k/month to $24k/month."

Luis & Albert

More Student Wins

Even More Student Testimonials

"I always had the dream to make $15k/month with my video business. After just 3 months in the program I made $150k in one month!!!"

Serge Kanunnikov

"Before I joined the program, I only had one big client and very inconsistent income. Now I make consistent $10k+/month."

Joel Eggimann

"I doubled my revenue to $14k/month after just 3 short weeks of joining the program! I absolutely love it and highly recommend!"

Ryan Hemlock

"Thanks to VBA I went from making $1,000/mo to making over $8,000/week.
They know what they're doing!"

Jon Lofquist

"Before I got in the program, I was making $4,000/mo. And now I just closed my first $19,000 deal because of the VBA!"

Chris Williams

"Before I joined VBA my business was making $3-4k/mo and within one month of joining I'm now doing $15,000/mo!"

Chris Lierheimer

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